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Advance Payment Models & Weekly Payments

Access to the funds you need to grow...

Advance Payment Models

We are able to offer our Introducers a percentage of their total commission as a front-end payment for all new clients they introduce to us. This payment advance arrangement is designed to help our Introducers expand and develop, by having access to the funds they need to grow.

The remainder of the commission is paid to the Introducer once the claim has been won and paid, and we have received our fee. The advance payment scheme means that our Introducers don’t have to wait for each claim to complete before seeing a return, and means you can expect to start generating revenue with us after as little as 5 days.

Weekly Payments

Every Introducer receives commission payments due to them on a Friday, no questions asked. We also send out a weekly statement every Thursday evening, so all Introducers are fully informed every week.

We are confident that no other claims management processing company offers either of these benefits.