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100% Automated System

Evolving as fast as the industry does...

Claims are separated into various status levels, so for example; once an E-sign form is received back from the client, the claim is submitted to the lender. All incoming post is scanned and dealt with digitally, so case handlers receive these in their inbox immediately and can change the status of the claim accordingly.

Our CMS automatically generates emails, letters and text messages to send to clients when their claims change status. This communication ensures that claims run smoothly, and clients are constantly informed.

The automated system also allows claims to be flagged in the event that the lender exceeds FSA time guidelines. Flagged cases are then dealt with by our in-house Chase Team, who liaise with lenders and clients to get claims back on track.

Our developers are constantly working to make the portal even better, and as it’s managed in-house; this allows us to implement changes immediately. This is particularly significant for compliance; if new legislation is issued, we have the tools in-hand to make the necessary changes happen.