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PPI Victims underpaid by £1 BILLION


5th June 2014

PPI compensation victims have been reportedly underpaid by £1bn due to banks and credit card firms excluding penalty fees and charges from compensation calculations.

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Lloyds has set aside an extra £1.8bn for mis-sold PPI


3rd February 2014

Lloyds Banking Group has set aside an extra £1.8bn to compensate customers it mis-sold payment protection insurance to, taking the total cost to almost £10bn.

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RBS puts aside another extra £465m for PPI payouts


30th January 2014

Claims have continued at previous rates - £225m per quarter - rather than falling as expected. They are now forecast to continue for longer according to the bank.

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PPI compensation results in soaring car sales in 2013


8th January 2014

NEW car sales last year accelerated to the highest level since the financial crisis, helped by PPI compensation payouts - that's why it's worth investigating your claim!

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FCA 'disagrees' with 60% of smaller banks PPI claims

30th September 2013

Sixty percent of PPI compensation claims handled by some smaller lenders have been challenged by regulators for being unfair to customers. Don't let banks tell you NO when you are entitled to a refund - let us fight on your behalf at RTC.

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