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PPI Victims underpaid by £1 BILLION


5th June 2014

PPI compensation victims have been reportedly underpaid by £1bn due to banks and credit card firms excluding penalty fees and charges from compensation calculations.

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Lloyds accused of short-changing PPI claimants


27th March 2014

Lloyds Banking Group has been cutting the compensation it pays to PPI claimants, a BBC investigation has revealed. Have you been paid what you were entitled do?

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Banks Abort PPI Deadline Talks


17th February 2014

Britain's biggest banks have abandoned talks for a second time that were aimed at fixing a cut-off for claims in the £20bn PPI mis-selling scandal - it's not too late to start your claim!

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Lloyds has set aside an extra £1.8bn for mis-sold PPI


3rd February 2014

Lloyds Banking Group has set aside an extra £1.8bn to compensate customers it mis-sold payment protection insurance to, taking the total cost to almost £10bn.

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LLoyds PPI Compensation Bill Soars Past £8bn


31st October 2013

The taxpayer-backed lender Lloyds has announced that it has set aside at least £700m more for PPI redress just months after saying it hoped it had drawn a line under the issue.

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