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Windfall for 2012

Colin Anderson

6th January 2012

Father of four Colin Anderson, 61, from Gosforth was refunded £2000 having discovered that he had unknowingly been paying for the insurance on a Lloyds bank loan taken out four years ago.

The compensation, which was achieved through Newcastle-based company Real Time Claims (RTC), has come just in time for 2012.

He said: “To get my money back on a policy I didn’t even realise I was paying couldn’t have come at a better time.  I would encourage anyone in the same situation to do this, and if I had known before how quick and easy it was to see if I had been mis-sold the insurance, I would have applied sooner.”

Real Time Claims has seen a 2,500 per cent rise in applications over the past three months since banks set aside £10billion to settle mis-sold PPI compensation.

Managing director Stuart Bell added: “We are pleased that people are now more aware that they are entitled to get their money back on policies they didn’t realise they were paying for and that we can help people like Colin reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

“It is amazing how many others are still sitting on money unaware of their potential windfall.

“Anyone who has taken out a bank loan, credit card, mortgage, car finance agreement where they have paid out for payment protection insurance will most likely be owed money.”

The process takes between three to eight weeks from initial enquiry via a user-friendly online claims processing system where clients can complete and track their compensation claim online managed by RTC’s established team of experts.

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