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  • Have you entered into a Timeshare Re-sale or Holiday Club Membership Scheme with a company such as Incentive Leisure Group (ILG), Club Class Concierge or Designer Way Vacation Club (DWVC)?

  • Were you promised money back via a Cash-Back Certificate?

  • Were you told that you would no longer be required to pay maintenance charges?

  • Real Time Claims can help you to get your money back!

Real Time Claims

Thousands of consumers throughout the UK were convinced, by pushy salesman using underhand tactics, to part with millions of pounds on the promise that they would receive fantastic holiday benefits. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these membership schemes were a scam and customers not only lost all of the money paid into them, but also were still liable for their original timeshare. If you have been a victim of a scheme like this then we are able to help.

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Testimonial 1

Mr & Mrs G from West Yorkshire won £9,850 after they had been convinced to enter into a contract with Incentive Leisure Group as they were promised that they would no longer be liable for their on-going maintenance charges. After paying ILG nearly £10,000 they continued to receive demands from their original timeshare provider for their maintenance charges, despite raising the issues with ILG, nothing was resolved. Mr and Mrs G received all £9,850 back after choosing Real Time Claims to represent their case.

Testimonial 2

Mrs L from The Midlands was promised that after paying £11,600 to Designer Way Vacation Club, she would be able to exchange her existing timeshare for holidays anywhere in the world. Not only did she discover that those holidays were in fact substantially more expensive than high street prices, she also was unable to book them due to such restricted availability. Mrs L received £11,600 back after choosing Real Time Claims to represent her case.

Testimonial 3

Mr B from Scotland was extremely unhappy, he paid £5,300 and was assured that his cash-back certificate would pay out considerably more after the time period. Upon trying to claim on his cash-back certificate, Mr B was unable to get in contact with anybody and subsequently his cash back certificate was not honoured. Mr B received £5,300 back after choosing Real Time Claims to represent his case.